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Just a quick update on what we have been doing in the rescue world lately.   Never a dull (or quiet) moment.  We keep our vets and volunteers busy 7 days a week and we want to thank you for your support to help us do that. 


 . . . .  don't all good little pussycats go to church on Sunday?  Well, this wasn't a Sunday but it was a Friday and Mr. Panther had an appointment with the parishioners at St. Agnes Anglican Church on March 6th!   Pacific Animal Foundation was kindly invited to speak at the church seniors' luncheon meeting about our feral and stray cat work in the community and they specifically asked us to bring a feline friend.

 Panther put up his paw to 'volunteer' immediately for the assisgnment so, on the appointed, beautiful sunny day, we dressed him up in his best bib and tucker.  (We think he had visions of a nice big plate of Temptations Treats waiting for him at his table!).

Panther was so proud to strut around the room prior to lunch, meeting his 'public' and showing off his vest and harness.  And, YES, somehow a package of Temptations Treats appeared as his fans fawned over him and told him how handsome he was!  While a delicious lunch was then served by lovely young students from Collingwood School in West Vancouver, Panther took time out for a nap in an adjoining room to rest from the strain of 'celebritism'  (newly made-up word but it fits).   After lunch was finished, PAF was asked to speak about our work with the many feral cats in our community and our main program called Trap/Neuter/Return (or TNR).  We had a slide show of our work and answered questions from the audience at the end of the talk.   Willow brought Panther back for a final "autograph and photo session" and then it was announced that  "Panther Had Left The Building"   and the event was over ! 

We want to thank Reverend Stephen Muir and the wonderful parishioners of St. Agnes for the invitation to speak and the lovely lunch.    

See photos of Panther and our event here


Yes, PAF is helping out there too !  Quite by accident, we were alerted to a situation with feral cats at a location outside of Winnipeg.  Luckily, the cats were being fed and cared for really well but they weren't spayed or neutered.  You can just imagine how this situation would grow exponentially.  We think there are 12 adults so we immediately arranged with a wonderful local veterinary clinic who agreed to do the spays and neuters and PAF is paying the bills.  So far we have managed to have 3 cats trapped and done through the clinic but, unfortunately, the vet clinic decided to close for a couple of weeks.  We have been advised that they will be accepting the feral cats again soon so we will continue our work there to get this bunch spayed and neutered as fast as we can.   Your donations to help PAF have extended to helping little feral cats quite a distance from North Vancouver and the dedicated caregivers of this colony are very grateful for our efforts.  They want to pass their sincere thanks to all of you !

See the Winnipeg kitties here 


Did you know that the City of North Vancouver supports our work?  For many years, Pacific Animal Foundation has had a good relationship with the City and we have kept them apprised of our feral and stray cat efforts in our jurisdiction.  We have done a few delegations in front of the Mayor and Council over the years (3 different years)  to educate and provide them with 'feral facts'.   The City helps us with a stipend to do our work and we thank them for the support.  

Often, several calls regarding cats on the North Shore will come in at the same time and that recently happened.   Liz, is a volunteer with VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue) and she and I often 'tag team' when multiple calls come in.  A couple of weeks ago she took her trap and headed one way to an address in the District about a big black stray cat that obviously needed help and I took a trap and headed a different way down to East 4th Street in the City to set a PAF trap for a big grey tabby guy.  Took a couple of days but both of us trapped our respective kitties!  Happy endings for the little guys ! 

Have a peek at our captured felines here


Yes, we are looking ahead to make sure we are covered for vets.  You will LOVE this !!!!   

Click for the cutest photos here


We would like to share with you an article that Pacific Animal Foundation wrote in 2012, which was published in a local pet magazine.  It discussed one of the main reasons pets are surrendered to animal shelters - lack of planning for our furry friends!

Unfortunately, the world is experiencing difficult times with this covid-19 pandemic right now and it brings to light a topic that we all need to address for the welfare of pets in our care.  If you are a pet guardian, please make sure you have a plan for your fur companions if you take sick or need a bit of time in hospital.  A little thought ahead of time to arrange coverage for pet care will give you peace of mind should you temporarily be unable to provide that care.  And please make sure you write down those plans and tell family (or friends) so that a well-oiled plan will go smoothly, if needed.   Rescue groups are usually full to the brim with stray animals and not enough foster homes.  We often cannot take any more animals in because we are already full.  A little foresight by planning ahead will keep your furry friend safe and looked after instead of ending up in an animal shelter. 

Please feel free to share these links with any interested parties. 

Planning Ahead -  Peace of Mind for Pet Guardians   and       (Continual Care Forms for Cats and Dogs)


Ok - time for some laughs   . . . .   some lighter moments from rescue . . .  ! 

For some chuckles click here


Thank you immensely to our veterinary partners on the North Shore, Mosquito Creek Veterinary Hospital, Norgate Animal Hospital and Westview Veterinary Services, as well as the other veterinary partners located in the Fraser Valley, Apex Animal Hospital, and Murrayville Animal Hospital.

And finally, let's do a well deserved "CLAP" and "SHOUT OUT" to acknowledge all our wonderful volunteers !


Lana Simon, Director
Pacific Animal Foundation                  

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