Here she is lying on the steps of the garage in the sun! How wonderful for the little feral cat that someone has compassion for her!

In an email to PAF in mid-January, David says:

"She's really made herself at home. Heated hut in the garage complete with warming pad and "blankey". Water bowl and two squares a day. Better than I get! Looks for her dish every morning and evening and has put on some weight; the good life's geting to her. She's getting more approachable and doesn't run too far, too fast when the food bowl comes out."

Tigger was a little male and Delilah was a little female.

If Sienna and Delilah had not been caught, both would be reproducing constantly.

With each having 3 litters a year, with an average of 4 kits per litter, the residential neighbourhood would likely have been home to more than 20 kittens within the next year.

Trap/Neuter/Return is the ONLY effective, long-term solution  . . . and it's HUMANE!

Please advocate for TNR with your municipal Mayor and Councillors -
Email them asking them to include a budget for TNR in their municipal animal control budgets - TODAY!