Unbelieveable . . . here comes the cat !  Rod took these photos from inside his truck.  He had set the trap nearby but the cat came from a different direction so Rod got out and moved the trap.   The cat was disturbed by the human movement and left.  Rod waited patiently in his truck for an hour and a half before the cat reappeared.  The tuna fish smell was too hard to resist 
The cat was enormous  . . looked.healthy with a good weight and was mad that he was trapped ! He must have had a burrow somewhere as there were no buildings in any direction for at least 5k.   PAF named the cat “Rodger” in honour of Rod who took so much trouble to find help for this cat.  I took this photo when I met Rod in West Vancouver to receive the cat from him.
Rodger has taken to hanging out in the garden area of the business office.  And why wouldn’t he?  It’s beautiful, quiet and has a high chain link fence around the area to protect it.   This photo was taken by one of the employees in early March.  Looks like Rodger has decided this is “home”.  One tough feral; one happy ending !