SUNDAY and her kittens   . . .
Sunday - waiting for her release.  We hoped she'd find her kittens right away and we left food and water for her at the spot every day.   We didn't see her for several days but then Willow spotted her
across the street under a tractor trailer.  She was coming for the
food!   We were so glad she didn't need the dumpster food.
We were lucky to get this shot before they vanished under the container.  We set the traps and had the two on the right within a few minutes.  The other one disappeared for more than a week.   Helen's wonderful husband, Doug, made a beautiful little food
shelter box for the remaining kittens. There are 2 entrance/exit
holes and 1 faces the hole under the container.
The first several days they flew around the room and clung to the windowsill.  They hissed and spat and warbled.  It is a real shock to feral kittens to be inside and they don't appreciate any contact with humans.   Poor little thing was really scared.  A room with lots of hiding
places and draped blankets is best to start with so they can hide and
feel safe.  Then they may allow closeness over time.
Took several weeks and now they are playing but still don't want to be handled.  They have huge appetites and we used dirt in the litter box for the first 2 weeks.  This one looks like her mom, Sunday.   Look angelic don't they - ha!  Even after several weeks of patient
attempts at socializing, these little guys are wary and don't want
touching.  Any fast movement and they automatically hiss.  Make
no mistake . . .  they can bite right through a finger.