A CHANCE OF SNOW    . . . .  with a few feral cat flurries!

Our beautiful North Shore Lions - they look like feline ears!
(photo credit - Tony Simon - 25/02/14)


It's quite easy to see the feral cat walking trail through the field.


And here's another trail.  Only one set of tracks at this station !


This is a December photo of a feral station - all ready for winter. 


This is inside the feral station.  It's all stuffed with STRAW (not hay) and has a tiny plexiglass side window so the cats can peek through.


Donna looks after fluffy, handsome 'Bobby' as well as 2 other ferals at this location.

One of our tame PAF rescues  . . . waiting to catch a snowball

And playing in the snow!

Here's an article from Alley Cat Allies on -
Why Straw  . .  not Hay - for Feral Cat Shelters.