OUR DARLING SHADOW and his gang . . . .   

Shadow - crouched down near at "Feline Court"


He would sometimes come up the stairs for treats left


This was 'Pops'  - he had the most blue eyes you've ever seen

'Precious' coming through the easement bushes for a meal

 Beautiful, wild 'Whiskas'

Smokey (foreground) with her daughter, 'Summer', in the morning sunlight

At Donna's  . . . each house had fresh straw.  She made it so lovely.   The entrance for the cats was at the back through an iron gate.  No dogs or coyotes could fit through
Summer is the only feral left now after all these years.  She has her other cat friends in the neighbourhood and hangs out with them but comes to Donna's to eat every day. 

There is more than one sleeping box and Donna puts a heating disk in one of them if it's a cold night.

Shadow and his gang had the best care and love

 . . . . . .  for more than a dozen years

thanks to the dedication of Coleen and Donna


It stopped new litters of kittens being born and it gave the adult feral cats a healthier life