SCRUFFY'S STORY Gallery Hours -
9 - 5pm
(if Scruffy approves!)
Scruffy - at the vet clinic.  She was a little hissy but wanted that food! She ate several times a day and just totally cleaned her plate. Despite daily food from Pip and Pam, she was rail thin.   At my home recovering, she was placed in a very large dog kennel with a litter box, food, water and a big cozy quilt.  She needed to eat and sleep to regain her strength from feeding 6 kittens.
Scruffy was a good mom and the kittens were healthy.   This little one was a bit apprehensive about the vet visit.
What cat lives in her very own art gallery?   Back home and no kitten duty anymore!

Home Sweet Home!
A lot of love and care by Pip and Pam helped Scruffy to a better life