HANDSOME SAM . . . . .

               MARY BOUGHT FOR HIM!

Sam - taking a sun bath in early February   Showing off his food flipping skills !
P.S.  Yes - we started a gentle diet
Mary was left leaning in her politics and had a wicked sense of humour !! Sam came to us with a 'Gordon Campbell' doll.  Don't know where she got it.   After dinner he's ready . . . . .  check the look on his face!
He warms up by licking his lips.(Notice the paw - he's got him nailed !) Then he goes in for the kill . . .  and has a good chew  !!!!
Mary taught him well.
 He often lies like this as though he's getting ready in the 'starting gate'
All 24 pounds of him.
Here he is with friends hanging out in 'his new hood'
He fits just perfectly into his basket for a lazy afternoon siesta He loves outdoors and is so photogenic. 
Sam is well loved and comforted.  We know Mary would be happy about that.