One week before Christmas the call came about an abandoned calico.  Hungry, cold and no ID.  No response to posters and efforts to find an owner.  Taylor picked her up and named her 'JOY.


Dianna had been feeding this semi-feral for months but couldn't catch him.  But she got him on Jan. 7th and now he's neutered!  'Owen' is learning to stay at her place and comes inside to sleep a fair bit now. 


Goat came into our care on Jan. 13th but we had been helping Colleen with him for months.  He had been abandoned about 2 years ago and a neighbour had been feeding him outside their house.


But Colleen knew he wasn't allowed inside their house nor did they want to pay for any vet care.  She knew he was quite old (nearly 17 years old) so she stepped in, talked to the neighbour and with PAF assistance, started fostering him and taking full time care of him.  We paid the bills.


Goat has needed lots of care these past 8 months but is doing very well now with daily meds and a watchful eye.  Colleen had to move this January so Goat came into our full time care.  Thank you Daniela for looking after him!


Unfortunately we also lost two of our beloved ferals over the Christmas holidays.  Handsome Bear and beautiful Jezabel.  We tried hard to save them both but it wasn't to be.  Rest in peace little ones.  They slid off peacefully.

And we helped many more including Mitza, Smiler, Sprite and Tubby . . .  (we pay his monthly insulin) . . . . all thanks to your donations.