Here's the feeding station for Patches and his mom, Sunday. There is a little corridor between the chain link fence and the back of the brick wall where they come to the 'back door' of the station.   Willow took this stunning photo of our little guy in early December.  He's fat, fluffy and clean.  Paula, one of his feeders, brings raw fish scraps for him that a store gives her for free.

One day I peered over top of the feeding station and surprised him waiting to go in the back door. 

I got a big hiss for doing that!


On the right, is a look at their sleeping box, filled with straw.   It's located behind the chain link fence
This is Patches (bottom) with his mother, Sunday.   This is little Tiger, now spayed, waiting to go back to her home.  Helen makes sure she is fed daily and changes the straw in her box. 
By supporting PAF with your donations, we have helped these little ones.