. . .  some more photos of our work this year
We were told this little guy was likely feral. He had been incarcerated for a month and was not approachable. So he was neutered and given to PAF.   He was taken to a safe room, with a feeder, and Minna and Brad opened the kennel door . . 
Brad says 'it was love at first sight'.  . . .  Minna watched as Brad leaned over to tentatively touch the little cat . . . and then he picked him up   Brad has 'the gift'  . . . his gentle way met with instant bonding from the scared little cat.  His name is now Philo and Brad adopted him 2 days later !
A family's retirement move on to a boat left this little guy in the lurch.  A former PAF adoptee, we now have him back.  He was a feral kitten in 2005 and has remained very wary of a regular home life. We're hoping he will bond with another cat to bring him out of his shell.   This handsome creature we named Sparky because he is feral and REALLY feisty.  He lives at a business near the Second Narrows Bridge. He was unneutered and we wanted to give him a better life . .  so out came the trap !
He's plainly ready to have his freedom back !   More than ready !  He knows he's back to his territory
This is Arnold and he has skin issues !  He lives at a business near the waterfront and is VERY loved by the owners and staff.  Poor Arnold has to come to the vet for treatment from time to time but PAF and the business help pay his bills !   We repainted and re-roofed this 48 year old rabbit hutch and turned it into a cozy feral station.  You can see that someone is sleeping in it as there is a depression in the straw!
This little feral is Twinkle and she is ready to strike out if we get any closer!  She had a litter of kittens with her last winter.  VOKRA took the kits and Twinkle for spay and then PAF found Twinkle a nice feral home.   This is a photo many months later of Twinkle at the feeding station.  She is licking her lips as she was chowing down from a yummy meal when we surprised her