with her own catnip plants !
Jana couldn't tell if kitty was feral or just really scared. This is Maui at the vet clinic five days after spay 

With the good care and socialization at Linda and Alan's, she started
to learn the ropes and fit into a home.  
She's a gorgeous girl - mostly light grey with flecks of orange - a beautiful tortoisehell and the biggest amber eyes you ever saw.
Ready for a new beginning instead of a life on the streets (unspayed)   Kathy lovingly went out and right away bought her TWO new perches; one for the living room and one for the bedroom !
Oh boy - Missy's own catnip patch !  Kathy is quite the gardener so
Missy will always have fresh catnip !
  An enclosed walkway right from the outside deck upstairs down on to
a lower garden level area gives Missy access from the upstairs deck
and also from the french doors on the ground level.
She has a tree to climb, ramps and perches   Kathy says she often takes her favourite toy in her mouth when she leaves
the deck and goes along the walkway into the garden area below.