Thank you to the 1st Grouse Brownie Unit who meet at the St. Andrews
and St. Stephens Church for collecting food for our feral cats !

  The group donated lots of canned and dry food for our feral cats !  We really appreciate the help!


This is hilarious !  Donna's rescued cat is stealing the dog's food  . . .

. . . and her rescued dog is stealing the cat's food !!


Sometimes the toy mousies get left in the water dish !

  So they have to dry out on the line !

Lorraine G. sent us this photo she took of Porter and Cayenne
doing a "high-5"

Porter is a funny little guy . . .  he drags his blankie around

 . . .  even outside through the cat door !    Jacquie sent us this photo of Mittens that we helped last year!