HANDSOME - a very needed rescue  . . .
He was quite hissy and intimidating with his warbles behind the gate.  A spitting cat means 'take care' with the approach!   Can you spot him ?  We noticed him while quietly examing the enclosure

We managed to entice him out to eat and then gently felt his body.  He was bone thin. 

We knew then he wasn't feral because he let us touch him, however, we weren't going to pick him up as he was giving us a warning by his growling.

More of a close-up through cropping the photo   He reached out with his paw to try and get out.  The concrete was baking with heat from the late afternoon sun
He nibbled at his food but was quite lethargic and lay in his litter box!   Curled up on a soft blanket in his foster home.  Look at his peaceful little face.  Re-gaining strength.  (Check out the bottom right of the window.  That's Elvis peeking into the room to see what's going on - too cute !!)