He couldn't stop eating the whole first day


And he was constantly talking to us


He didn't want his tail touched.  He was a matted mess underneath too.

Now feeling better; his tail and tummy shaved and neutered

 This is Olive . . .  having a catnap with wee Natalie

This is also Olive - on the deck railing - checking who that interloper is on HER windowsill inside !

By day 5 - looks like Olive is going to let him stay !   In dreamland  . . .
Nikki took this fabulous close up of our contented little guy.  His face is so much fuller now.  He still needs another couple of pounds to fill out. 

Oh yes,  and he has his own chicken to be friends with!!  Cookie wanders around totally free and sometimes sleeps on the doorstep mat.  Cookie loves cheerios as a treat !