(these are all PAF rescues and fairly recent photos !)
Nightly line up after dinner at the drinking fountain (aka toilet) Find the cat !!       (Trying to sneak up on his friend)
Tommy - whacked out on catnip !  (His designated driver is behind him)  Porter likes to drag things around the house; normally it's his pink blankie.
Here he managed to drag a litter box completely across the room !
The little explorer returns after a hard day.  Face full of sticky cobwebs!   He couldn't figure out why I was laughing so hard !

Now ask me in your nicest doggie voice - "please may I come in Ty?
Actually, Kali (the dog) and Ty (the cat) are very good friends.  Judy C.
and her husband, Phil, adopted Ty from PAF a few years ago.  He goes
with them and the dogs on their annual car trip to Scottsdale
for winter vacation.

And last October, Judy and Phil adopted another dog they named Freddy.  He is a rescue from Iran through a Vancouver group called "Loved at Last Dog Rescue" - http://www.lovedatlastdogrescue.ca/

Freddy led a very tough life on the streets in Iran and was hit by a car.  A caring woman in Iran who collects strays rescued him from the bushes at the side of the road.  Then he developed a bad skin disease.  His luck changed when Judy and Phil decided to adopt him.  Here he is with Ty so they are really the 'three amigos' - Kali, Ty and Freddy ! 
When it's hot out you have to wear a hat !   Of course, you have to get the right fit !!!  


A nice photo of Candy the calico was shaping up but, at the last second,
Sam came along and plopped down in a perfect position to photo bomb
    No explanation needed !