Linda writes -  "The neighbour thought he was dead.  You can see why he would
go there!"    Actually, it's just Charlie (PAF rescue) sunbathing in the Spring sunshine !


This BIG guy is "MAKALOU".  We noticed him out at the nightly
"Clap-out Salute" to LGH health care workers and asked if we could use his photo !


 Wayne and Kathleen sent us this photo of Bella and Barney 'isolating'.  Danielle had
rescued them as kittens from a Cloverdale barn a couple of years ago and fostered them. 


And here are adorable Julie and Sydney going through the Kids' Vet  starter kit while their dog is inside Mosquito Creek Vet Clinic being treated by Dr. Janice Crook.  Mom, Ashley, said the girls loved playing with the kit.  More future vets???

This is Miss Carly.   Rescued by Donna and, after all that Donna has done for her, she
says she still has a crabby, suspicious little face !  She's in her cat castle -  LOL


Looks like our PAF feral, Twinkle, has made a new friend