AND A HOME      . . .  

This poor boy was just beat up and exhausted.  Neutering was the first step;
getting wounds cleaned and antibiotics the second step.
He had lots of wounds on his face and he had scratched and torn off all
the fur around his neck.  That resulted in infection.

With bowls of his favourite BBQ chicken along with his regular food and
days of sleep, he started to heal and gain strength
About a week later he looked a lot brighter !  He began to take an
interest in what was going on out the window.
  And he began to play !  He had enough energy and curiousity in him !    His 'family' came to visit him to see how he was doing.  His tail
was up when Amelia was stroking him.  He knew them !!
After two weeks, he's back home with Stella.  Amelia said she seemed to
miss him.  And they bought him his own catnip banana (on the floor)
   Two months later, his fur had mostly grown back and he was a
lot more content to stay at home.  His fur looks glossy.