"If I can't see you  . . you can't see me" !  Even though I called his name
several times at the construction site, he wouldn't look at me.  Even then
he's Mr. Vanishing !
This is the drop trap.  You can see the exit door at the bottom left.
You line the wire trap up against it and the cat runs from the drop
trap into it.
We have just transferred Bennair into the smaller wire box trap Only when he was safely in the trap and we had checked the latches did we breath a sigh of relief !
When we released him, he slunk out of the recovery kennel
like he couldn't believe he was really 'home'.  He peered in the open
front door which he often used to do.
  Going over to check his dish and then he took off across the street
but was back in less than an hour for some dinner. 
Skittish  . .  but back !