OUR LITTLE BAY GIRL  . . . .   always remembered with love  . . . 
Photos taken by ferry employees   When they went to touch her she hissed. They noticed she was very matted. 
They put milk out for her and she seemed interested but would not drink.   Our first photo after arriving of her lying on the hot tarmac beneath
the tower. We made a trail of food and coaxed her into the kennel.
Taylor took these shots of her the next day at the vet clinic.  We needed to get rid of that heavy, tangled coat to really see her body condition.   She seemed really weary like she had been fending for herself
for a long time.  We thought surely someone would call us.
Once shaved you could see and feel her backbone and ribs sticking out. We knew she felt much better with that coat gone.  She ate a little and we were encouraged.   After a few days she started slipping away.   She was cared for lovingly and many people tried so hard to save her.
We are grateful that we managed to get her off the street.