This mom is about 12 years old.   

The following is from Alley Cat Allies -www.alleycat.org

Some people to want to tame the feral cats  they care for because of the misperception that feral cats live short, miserable lives. This myth has been swallowed whole by too many groups, including some of the most prominent animal organizations in the country. The truth is that the well-being of feral cats is most compromised by behaviours associated with mating and giving birth to endless litters of kittens.  Spaying and neutering significantly changes the picture.   Male cats no longer fight and roam.  Female cats no longer bear kittens.  Vaccination ensures a higher level of health.  Feral cats in managed colonies frequently live 10 years and longer.*

*(Source:  Alley Cat Allies – www.alleycat.org)
  "Why Trap-Neuter-Return is the Solution to Feral Cat Overpopulation
– and Trap-Neuter-Adopt is Not”