PAF bought this from craigslist for $50. and it was delivered to us!  It has a little window on the side and a gutter around the roof.  We've filled it with straw   This station was made by Taylor's husband, John, and has 3 separate little nooks for cozy beds in the winter time!
This is a well insulated one on a porch table next to a house wall for warmth   Sunbathing now but I guess she'll go inside her house when it gets cold enough !
PAF has given some of our feral caregivers pet warming disks to use under blankets in the feral houses.    Heated in the microwave for a few minutes means up to 10 hours of toasty warmth under the blankets. 
Howard  . . .  waiting for his 'meals on wheels'   Lefty - supervising our washing dishes and scooping out food